The Mission of NAVB is to be there to protect the rights of the vaping community and create every possible path to success for our members.  We stand against those damaging the rights of small business owners and their ability to be successful. 


Above all else, the NAVB is here as a partner to grow your business. By protecting your ability to produce and sell your products and giving your employees a happy and healthy environment to work, everyone wins. 


Our teams are informing the public and policymakers about the differences between smoking and vaping will be key to defending the rights of the vaping community.


The Vaping community is made up of veteran business people and emerging entrepreneurs, the NAVB is here to guide both and create opportunities where each can learn from each other and grow. 


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Join us as we build the nation’s foremost Vaping Association focused on protecting the rights of the business owners who have invested in the future of vaping. We are in are Founders phase and those who sign up now will be granted special privileges and grandfathered in to our membership fee structure. Joining now secures your place and voice in the ever evolving fight of the vaping community.