NAVB – Small Business Day at the Capitol

Phoenix, Arizona – February 4th, 2015

Today at the Arizona State Capitol, the National Association of Vaping Businesses (NAVB) heard from supportive legislators and state leaders on their enthusiasm for small businesses.  In partnership with the National Federation of Independent Businesses, NAVB board members were able to meet with with receptive legislators and express their concerns over upcoming legislation and the general business environment for the vape industry in Arizona.

Many leaders expressed their support for the industry and the good that is coming from helping people leave the habit of smoking.  This was the first time many had talked directly to members of the industry and were happy to assist in opening the paths for small businesses to achieve success and contribute to Arizona’s economy.

 As House Speaker David Gowan noted while addressing the crowd, “as legislators we are here to get government out of your way.”

Speaker Gowan was also receptive to questions from board members from NAVB and spent extra time making sure he understood the impact that upcoming legislation would do to harm this emerging industry.

“We are here to show our support for those legislators that take the time and effort to learn about the vape industry’s concerns,” said Natalie Higgins, Board Member of NAVB and owner of Valor Vapors.  “…As well as meeting with members of fellow industries to listen how vaping has effected their businesses.”

On hand were several members of industries whose customers and employees vape and were able to present their concerns to the board members present. Each sought solutions to make their places of business more friendly to people seeking a path away from smoking.

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